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Crowd PR Plan
  • Comes With:
  • Project Page Review
  • Hands-On PR Outreach
  • Expert PR Content Writing
  • 3 PR Pitches Tested
  • PR Report + Analytics
  • Press & Media Kit
  • 100% Results Driven PR
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Crowd PR + Social Plan
  • *Includes Crowd PR Plan ($595 Value)
  • +Social Media Influencer Outreach
  • +Social Media Backer Targeting
  • +YouTube Influencer Marketing
  • +FB & Instagram Influencer Marketing
  • PR & Social Reports + Analytics
  • 100% Results Driven Marketing
  • *Includes FREE Press Release! ($300 Value)
*(Only 3 Spots Left)
Get Funded PR - Payment plan!
  • *Includes Crowd PR Plan 
  • *Includes Social Influencer Plan 
  • +Personalized Phone Outreach
  • +Tier 1 Media Outlets Contacted 
  • +Dedicated PR Team 
  • +Dedicated Social Media Expert
  • PR & Social Reports + Analytics
  • +100% Guaranteed Top Media Coverage 
  • *Includes FREE Press Release! ($300 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What does Get Funded PR do?
Get Funded PR is a marketing agency that specializes in helping crowdfunders promote a successful crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Our team uses the latest PR marketing techniques to get your project picked up by bloggers, news websites, media outlets, and social media influencers.  
What is "Crowdfunding PR" marketing?
Crowdfunding PR is the #1 tactic used by successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects to get funded. It is used to get your project featured on popular blogs and other media outlets. This process gets your project in front of the right audience and gives you massive exposure and recognition.
Does this really work?
Yes. Nearly all successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo use some form of PR marketing to get exposure and funding. If you're not a PR expert or working with Get Funded PR then you could be missing out on a ton of exposure and funding. We help entrepreneurs tell their story and get in front of the right people to fund their ideas.
What does your PR plans come with?
We have three different PR marketing plans to fit your budget. Each plan is designed to get your as much media coverage as possible. The plans come with the following (see breakdown below):

 *Project Page Review - That means our team will review your project page, project content, perks/rewards, and other information to ensure that it is setup properly. Sometimes a project just needs some adjustment before we can get the funding rolling in. 

*PR Content Writing - We need to get the media's attention by "pitching them" your product or idea. So our team researches your project, brainstorms different PR pitches, and writes content that we can use to email, post, share, or call the media with. We all create the content and you just need to approve it!

*PR Pitch Testing - After our team creates your unique PR pitches, we test each pitch on a fraction of our media lists. This tells us which story idea is best suited to get results. After we test and track everything, we use you're "winning pitch" to promote your project in full, Get Funded PR style!

*FREE Press releases - Get Funded PR has built up an impressive list of media contacts that include bloggers, editors, journalists, and other influencers. When you signup with our PR plan you're able to leverage those relationships through us. That's how our clients get featured on top media outlets. Some of our PR plans also include an additional press release that we use to alert thousands of journalists almost instantly about your project.

*Custom Media Targeting - Includes our In-House Media list + new media contacts that we think fit your project perfectly. Every crowdfunding project is unique. In order to get the best results we need to tailor your PR outreach and marketing just for you. That's the Get Funded PR special sauce!

*Results Driven PR - Our team does more than just a "press release". We actually push to get your project featured and promoted to as many people as possible. We also offer a performance-based plan to prove it! No other crowdfunding service can match Get Funded PR's commitment to getting you results.

*Social Influencer Outreach - Included with our Get Funded PR plan, the influencer outreach goes beyond just bloggers and journalists. We take your project to social media and capture peoples attention. Get Funded PR gets your project promoted by social media influencers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other mediums. This complements our other marketing efforts nicely. If you can afford our top plan, do it!

*The Get Funded PR Team- Get our experienced PR team behind your project today. Why not use the same strategy and tactics that the most successful projects use to get funded? Don't leave your crowdfunding success to chance. Together we can help you fund your dreams.

Do you offer performance-based deals?
Yes. Get Funded PR is the only crowdfunding service that offers a flexible payment option based on funding success. The full cost of our Full Get Funded PR Plan is $1500 only if you are fully funded. However, serious crowdfunders only need to make a down payment of $750 to get started. The rest is only due IF your project is funded and successful. How cool is that? :)
How do I get started?
It's easy to get started with one of our award winning PR plans. Simply enroll online above now and our expert PR team will do the rest. After your order approved by our team we will begin reviewing your crowdfunding project and launch an effective PR strategy to help you get funded.
Since 2014, Get Funded PR has helped entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and small business owners get the funding they need to succeed. 

Why chose Get Funded PR? We know how important your crowdfunding project is to you and your business. Get Funded PR uses a proven 5 step process to get your crowdfunding project more exposure and funding. Our clients have been featured in nearly every major media outlet in the US and aboard.

Crowdfunding offers a world of possibility for your idea or project, but you still need to promote it. There is a huge difference between doing it all alone vs. having our team behind you. 

Let Get Funded PR manage the promotions for you. Together we can hit your goals. Take the first step in getting your idea funded by enrolling online now, before its too late.

-PR Team
Get Funded PR

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